Baroque Historical Costume

This costume was build with original patterns and instructions from 1760 1770. It is a baroque gown that will go to any gala and events



Historical Baroque gown from the 17th century dress made with original patterns and instructions.

This dress was made as Sophia Magdalena character costume for a historical ball.
It is a smooth-covered English stay with a matching petticoat.

Under dress we have a petticoat made with the same decorative fabric with monograms.

Medium hardness bodice and lacing on the back.

Costume includes chemiset – little short shirt that puts on between under shirt and a under skirt as well made with a fabric 100% cotton.

Basic set includs:

Under dress
Upper dress (coat)


We will be pleased to make your own and only version of any historical dress in 6 to 8 weeks.




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