Coppelia´s Wedding


This beautiful Coppelia Wedding Variation professional tutu is made for Coppelia 2 act. It can also be used for for all wedding variations.


This is an tutu made for a ballet bride. Coppelia and Aurora for example. The lace is a typical wedding lace, that has multiple little pearls and beads, what makes it very delicate. The skirt and bodice are decorated with a beautiful wedding lace, all worked with small beads and pearls. It is attached by hand to the skirt.

Encena is specialized in custom-made professional tutus for high level ballet performances and competitions.

We offer exclusive tutu styles, ballet accessories, headpieces and tiaras. We work with YAGP and other major ballet competitions all over the world.

This is an tutu made for Dryad´s Queen.  The gold dyed trim with all the embroidery, beads, gems from preciosa makes this costume a must have for competition.

The bodice is made with best quality velvet, it has boning and it is embellished with the same lace from the skirt and it is attached by hand. The back is closed with hook and eye tape. It has a top cording that can be pulled to a better fitting. It is embellished with the same lace from the skirt and it is attached by hand.

This costume as it stretches will be made in our standard measures chart, this mean that minor adjustments can be needed.

Our hoop can be folded twice what makes this tutu very suitable for travelling.

The tutu is made from a hard tulle and all of our 10 layers are hand pleated. Our top layer tutu is 15 inches long and it is double. The basque is made with lycra to fits perfect and ruffled panties.

We can also make any other design by order.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to build your costume and to deliver your order.

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