Fleur de Lys Bespoke Tutu


A bespoke professional tutu that was build for a breath taking Fluer de Lys! Talk to us, we will be happy to build your one and only!


This tutus are a dream come true! We work together with the dancer, teachers and parents to decide your design, your laces and embroidery!

The bodice is build with tafetta and it has  8 pieces. It has bonning and pipping.

The tutu has 11 layers, all of them are hand pleated. The top layers are double hand pleated. The tutu is hooped and hand tacked with a pantie made of strecht mesh.

We will provide you with several net choices, mixing color, degrades….

This tutu is built specific to the dancer’s measurements, and we will provide you a video on how to take your measurements, please be accurate as you can this is one of the most important step.

This tutus takes 6 to 8 weeks to be build. We can only start after you send us your measurements.

If you have any questions just ask us we will be pleased to guide you through the process of building the costume of your dreams!

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